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How to withdraw Crypto from Bequant Global Exchange
How to withdraw Crypto from Bequant Global Exchange
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To withdraw your coins, proceed to your Account tab. You will see the "Withdraw" column there, this column contains buttons, one per each currency.

At first, make sure that the amount you'd like to withdraw is stored on your Wallet account. Transfer it from your Spot (Trading) account if needed, then hit the "Withdraw" button.

Specify the amount you'd like to withdraw and paste the receiving address to the "Address" field. Please make sure that you're using the correct address. Once your money has been sent, it wouldn't be possible to reverse the transaction.

Note: If you see an error while trying to initiate a withdrawal, or experience other issues, please see I cannot withdraw a coin/token article.

Some digital assets require extra options for sending transactions. For example, to withdraw XMR you would need to specify wallet address and payment ID. Please be sure that you've specified these options precisely and correctly, and you're good to go!

The minimum withdrawal amount should exceed the network fee value. Fee amount is being displayed right under the "Amount" field.

After you hit the "Withdraw" button and type the authentication code (if 2FA for withdrawals is enabled), the following notification is going to be displayed: "Your withdrawal request requires a confirmation by e-mail." Kindly proceed to your email inbox and locate new message from [email protected], titled "Withdraw verification".

Confirm your withdrawal by clicking this link. You'll be brought back to your account section, transaction being successfully sent. Manage your withdrawals in the "Reports ->> Transaction History" or right there in your account, in the "Latest transactions" section below.

As your withdrawal is being processed, blue circle and red cross icons are going to be displayed on the right in the particular row of this section. Once it is committed, are replaced with green mark.


Experiencing any issues with withdrawals? Get help.

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