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Withdrawals on your account are kept on hold
Updated over a week ago

Trying to withdraw your funds and receive this error? There are two possible reasons.

Password reset

In case someone gains the access to your email account, he will be able to reset your Bequant Global password and get the access to it as well.

For security reasons, once password recovery is initiated and successfully confirmed, withdrawals on the account are being kept on hold for the next 72 hours.

In case you haven't requested password recovery, please contact our support team as soon as possible by submitting a request here: someone has access to my account.


If you are using the whitelist for your withdrawal addresses, you may potentially face this problem because of two cases:
1. A new address was added to your whitelist. When it happens, your withdrawals get disabled for 48 hours.
2. Your whitelist got disabled. For the safety of your funds, your withdrawals are being suspended for 48 hours.

Note: this is an important security measure, which is why it is strictly forbidden to resume withdrawals before the indicated time&date. We cannot do this even upon request to the Support Team.

If you have initiated none of these actions and you see this error, please contact us.

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