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How to buy Crypto with FIAT
Updated over a week ago

Once you have deposited FIAT on the platform, you can use it to purchase Crypto (go to How to deposit FIAT for more info). Your purchased Crypto will appear directly on your Bequant Global account.

Please note that, once deposited, your FIAT will appear under your Main Account. In order to be able to use it to buy Crypto you have to:

1. Transfer FIAT internally to your Trading Account. That is done from the Deposit Console accessed via the green Deposit icon in the upper right corner of the Exchange.

2. On the Account page (same as Deposit page) you would need to transfer FIAT from your Wallet to your Spot. (note: your Wallet Account balance will contain the amount of your deposited FIAT).
Press Transfer Button and then in pop transfer window indicate the amount you want to move from Wallet to Spot (trading) account.

3. Once you have FIAT on your Trading (Spot) Account, click on the FIAT name (USD US Dollar in the above image) and this will redirect you to the central trading console where you will be able to make a bid for BTC. (Pro Tip: click on the Best bid price to populate it in the Price field.)

4. Alternatively you can buy other currencies directly with FIAT by navigating to the FIAT tab of the Instruments Console and clicking on a FIAT pair. The console will have the most up to date pairs. We are always expanding our offering.

Congratulations, you have exchanged your FIAT into Crypto. Welcome to the Future.

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