How to enable 2FA?
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Setting up 2-factor authentication (or 2FA for short) for any website that contains your private information is a very important step – whether it’s an email or social media account, iCloud, online banking, or sometimes even hardware like your phone or PC. But when it comes to cryptocurrency, setting up a 2FA is a lot more than a good idea, it’s an absolute must. Having 2FA greatly increases the security of your account and that is why Bequant Global requires every trader to setup their 2FA before they can participate in the trading process. The steps below will help you to setup 2FA.

1. Log in to your Bequant Global account and open the "Settings" page in the upper right corner of the website.

2. Navigate to the "Security" tab.

You have two options: Google Authenticator and Yubikey.

Setup steps for Google Authenticator:

1 - Click "Add GAuth" button.

2 - Print out or write down your backup code and keep it in a safe place (somewhere where you won’t forget about it and where others won’t find it. If your device is broken, lost or stolen, this may be the only way to log in without asking for assistance from Bequant Global Support).

3 - Click ''Confirm''

4 - Scan the QR code using the Google Authenticator App. Do not show to anybody the "Secure private key" and click ''Next''.

If you do not have Google Authenticator App, below are the links:

- For Android devices download Google Authenticator App here.

- For iOS devices (e.g. iPhone) download Google Authenticator App here.

5 - Enter the validation code from the device (shown on the Google Authenticator App) to the corresponding field and click ''Confirm''.It is advisable to click on the tick-box "Terminate all sessions after Google Auth is set up."

6 - Check your mailbox: there should be an email with link to confirm the 2FA setup. Click it within 10 minutes, before the link has expired.

Now your account is secure. Great job!

Setup steps for Yubikey:

Click the "Add Yubikey" button and follow the instructions.

Keep in mind that 2FA is not a 100% safety guarantee – if you click a link to scam site or use a scam application the scammers can get full access to all your devices without you noticing it. Always be attentive and do not follow suspicious links, keep your devices safe and never share codes/passwords with anyone.

Do not see a confirmation email in your mailbox? Try these recommendations.

Lost your 2FA device/deleted app? These tips will help you.

2FA codes do not work? Read this article.

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