Electronic mail (e-mail) address is your unique identifier and once the account is created on Bequant Global, there is no possibility to change it.

New email = new account.

If you no longer wish to use the email address associated with your account, you may consider creating a new account. Be aware, you will need to perform an additional verification for the new account in order to have everything set and deposit/withdrawals feature to be enabled.

Once verification of the new account is completed, you can perform a transfer of remaining funds from the old one (if applicable). Kindly note, we do not transfer funds from one account to another on behalf of our clients. Thus, in case you have remaining funds on the old account you will need to perform a withdrawal and then a deposit of them to a new verified account.

After completion of moving funds to a new account you can contact our Support Team with a request to deactivate previous account.

If you have lost access to your current email address, here is the guide for you.

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