I do not have access to my email
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Your email address is your unique identifier on Bequant Global exchange. It's not possible to change it.

Sometimes it happens that an email address becomes deactivated, it wouldn't be possible to access it. It means that withdrawing funds from Bequant Global account would also be unavailable, because each withdrawal is being confirmed via email.

How to prevent it

It's important to keep track of your email address on a regular basis. Don't leave it unattended: some email providers could deactivate unused addresses and issue them once again. It's a good idea to use trusted and proven email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

Also it's vital to pay attention to email security. Since it's the key to your Bequant Global account, security measures should be taken. Protect your account with 2FA, change your password on a regular basis.

How to deal with it in case it happens

Contact your email provider support team. Usually lost email account can be restored.

In case there's no luck and no hope with restoring the access, contact us using this form telling that your email is gone

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