Forks and airdrops
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Bequant Global keeps up with the most significant events in the Crypto world.

We support important blockchain forks and airdrops by distributing newly created coins and tokens among Bequant Global traders. They qualify for participation in the event according to its terms and conditions.

To stay informed on the forks and airdrops supported by Bequant Global follow us on our official channels.

The most common requirement to receive a certain amount of new coin or token is to hold the forking currency on your main or trading account at Bequant Global at the moment the snapshot is taken. The details and terms of each event can be found on official websites of the currency which holds the fork or airdrop.

In case you are waiting to receive new coins and would like to know the timeframe of distribution, please proceed to When I will receive coins after the airdrop which you supported?

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