PB Clients are normally charged the following fees:

  1. Prime Brokerage Commission Fees

  2. Accrued Interest on Loans (if applicable)

  3. Instant transfer fees (if any) - for more info on this please see here.

Please speak with your Sales Rep regarding the appropriate fee structure for your business needs.

Prime Brokerage Commission Fees

Bequant charges a client the difference between a pre agreed upon fee and the fee that partner exchanges charge Bequant.

Example: Binance charges Bequant VIP9 rates. Client has agreed on VIP6 rates. Bequant will charge client (VIP6 minus VIP9) rates on the traded monthly volume. At the end of the month Bequant will send the client an invoice, with the appropriate commission.

Please note that Prime Brokerage Commission Fees are not charged in real time but on a monthly basis. We are working on improving the functionality and bringing real time commission charging to our clients soon.

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