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How can I check my fees on Bequant Pro
How can I check my fees on Bequant Pro
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Fee Schedule page is available on Bequant PRO and gives an idea on fees applied to the client portfolio, on both: Exchange and Prime Brokerage sides.
To get to the page and view this information, please click on Profile button at the left top corner of your screen and select ''Fee schedule'' drop-down menu.

You will be able to view Fee Scheme Type (Portfolio Based / Turnover Based) and Fee Scheme(s) applied to your portfolio which are going to be shown at the top of the page.

For Fixed and Profit-sharing schemes, monthly fee and profit sharing rate are also going to be shown shown respectively.

In case fees are paid monthly clients can set the default account for monthly fee charging. It is important to move the required amount to the selected sub-account by the end of the month.

Fee Rates table shows fees in details for each exchange and contract type available to the client. In case if special rates are applied by the exchange to the range of selected instruments, they will be identified by Sub-Type column.
For All-in fee scheme only total fee rate is shown.

Rates on the page could be displayed in percentage or basis points.

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