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Where is my ETH token deposit?
Updated over a week ago

You have deposited Ethereum tokens to your Bequant account but they are not reflected on your balance?

Please follow instructions below to make sure you have sent original tokens.

  1. Find the token page on Coinmarketcap website.

  2. Open "Explorer" on the left side of the page and find official "Contract" address for the token.

  3. Find your transaction in the blockchain explorer by inserting your transaction hash to the "Search" field.

  4. Compare contract address of your transaction and contract address on official token page you opened before.

If the contract address in your transaction differs from the official contract address, it means that these are not original tokens. These tokens can not be credited to your account or compansated in any way.

In case the contract address is correct in your transaction, there are more possible reasons you do not see the funds on your Bequant account.

Please proceed to Where is my deposit? article.

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