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Where is my deposit?
Updated over a week ago

In case your deposit is not reflected on your account, please check out below all possible reasons for that.

Should you fail to find your case, please submit a ticket by filling out the form at the end of this article.

  • Check if the transaction is confirmed in blockchain

Locate your transaction by inserting your hash on the corresponding blockchain explorer website and check the status.

If it was not confirmed by miners yet, allow more time for confirmation or contact sending party support team for assistance.

  • Make sure that you’ve been using correct address

For each and every currency on Bequant Global there’s a separate address. For example, it’s not possible to send BTC to USDT address. In case you’ve encountered this kind of issue, please refer to our policy on recovery of mistakenly sent deposits.

Update: from 10 May 2018, Ethereum and ETH tokens have one address on Bequant Global . Please generate a new address on your Account page.

Deposits of Ethereum to a token address or vice versa sent before 10 May 2018 are considered as a transaction sent to a wrong address.

  • Make sure that you’ve specified correct payment ID, if required

Several currencies have one public address for all incoming transactions. In these cases your own Payment ID (or message, or destination tag, etc.) is used to tie a particular transaction to your account. In case you forgot to specify it - please contact our support team, they will be glad to handle it.

  • Check currency performance on Bequant Global System Health

We are updating our wallets software on a regular basis. During the update process there’s a notification in the “Deposits” section. You may also check the status for each coin on System Health page. Red field means that deposits are temporarily switched off for the currency.

Once update is finished, some time is required for wallets to get synchronised with the blockchain. That’s why your deposit could take a bit longer to proceed, but it won’t be lost.

In case "Deposits" field of the currency is green, check the current time of processing in the next column. It depends on the network load and sometimes may take several hours and more. It is not possible to speed up deposits processing.

  • Make sure you sent a coin which is integrated into Bequant Global

In case you deposited to your Bequant Global address a coin which is not integrated into Bequant Global it is not possible to credit it to your account or send it back to your external wallet.

How to make sure the currency is integrated to Bequant Global? Please look up for the currency's ticker on System Health page. If it's not there, it means that we do not have this currency integrated yet.

  • If none of the above is your case

In case you have not find the reason why your deposit is being delayed, please fill out the form below. Bequant Global Support Team will help you to solve the issue.

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