FIX5 is more stable than FIX4.4 and market data is aggregated by 5ms instead of 40ms. Any new features for our FIX offering will only be available for FIX5. However, our test gateways only support FIX4.4 at the moment. We recommend using FIX5 in production.

If you are having trouble connecting, please confirm with your contact at Bequant Global:

1) the endpoints you are trying to reach
2) whether you are trying to connect directly or via VPN

The endpoints will differ for FIX4.4 and FIX5, as well as some tags. For example, header tag 8 should be set to FIXT.1.1 for FIX5, and FIX.4.4 for FIX4.4.

We do not currently offer a UAT environment or demo accounts for FIX5 testing. If you need to conduct tests with FIX5 specifically, we recommend you deposit your own funds to test with on your existing production account, or to request another one with a different email.

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