Connectivity Overview
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The most popular options to connect to Order Routing and Market Data gateways are via FIX4.4 or FIX5. This can be done either through VPN or directly, after completing a colocation installation. We recommend to use FIX5 as an all-around fast and stable solution. Please note, you will need to use the core-ID offered by us trading pairs when sending FIX messages - you can check here for a list of our pairs and mappings.

Note 1: quantityIncrement means lot size.
Note 2: if you get a 403 when trying to access the mappings with REST, ensure that the HTTP request's header contains a User-Agent field that specifies your REST client, e.g. with Java you can do: con.setRequestProperty("User-Agent", "My own REST client");
For those who wish to receive Market Data with the quickest method available on the market, we offer our Multicast Market Data gateways. Note that we only offer direct connection to these gateways, i.e. a colocation installation must have been completed first. Note also that the Market Data will not be transferred in tag-value form like with FIX - it will be transferred as a Simple Binary Encoding. Please see the Multicast Guide for details on the groups and pairs offered as well as their ids.
We also offer the option to trade via our REST and WS api. Using FIX will be faster than either option. WS is not as fast as REST, the server will notify you of order updates, and your requests will be executed in a First-In-First-Out basis.

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