Profit and Loss Reports
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Profit and Loss report page is available in Customer Portal. Profit and Loss (P&L) report section gives an idea on amounts earned or lost as a result of their trading activity and market prices fluctuations.

The report provides information regarding realised and unrealised P&L.
For the purpose of the report, realised P&L is calculated the following way:

P&L = Day Close Balance - Day Open Balance - Inbound Transactions + Outbound Transactions

Unrealised P&L is generated by open positions. It is calculated by the exchanges and received from the exchanges’ APIs.

  • Daily P&L section of the report shows historical data on a daily basis for the selected period. Section has absolute and percent representations.

  • Profit & Loss Details section shows the breakdown for the total profit & loss amount for the selected period by the venues and accounts.

Along with the new P&L report page, Daily P&L chart was added to the Dashboard page. Now users can switch between total collateral (line) and P&L (bars) options.

Important notes and limitations: P&L data is available starting from 01 Jan 2023

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