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Exposure Page on Customer Portal
Exposure Page on Customer Portal
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The Exposure Page captures the information about the portfolio’s market exposure, that is calculated as a sum of spot balances and derivatives collateral, open positions and unrealised P&L.

Use Cases
The Exposure page serves various essential purposes, including:
Assessing the potential impact of market movements.
Gaining insights into the distribution between balances and positions by assets.
Evaluating how the portfolio is balanced, particularly relevant for market-neutral strategies.
Obtaining a concise summary of derivatives and margin positions.

Main Page Components
The main components of this page include:

  • Total Values in Header
    In the page header, you’ll find the overall values of Exposure and Unrealised P&L for the entire portfolio. Additionally, Total Assets and Exchange Blocked Margin are displayed for indicative purposes.

  • Net, Long, and Short Cards
    Values in the cards are dynamically calculated based on selection in the filters on the left. This functionality, for example, allows to retrieve values for individual coins or assess the breakdown between different venues.

  • Chart
    Information pertaining to total exposure and exposure in individual coins is summarized in a chart. The chart can be displayed in two ways:

    • Net: This view provides an overview of long exposure and short exposure, along with the resulting netted values.

    • Details: In this view, bars depict the breakdown of exposure components, including balances & collateral, open positions, and unrealised P&L.

Important notes:

  • Options are not included in the calculations

  • We consider market exposure to be generated by all types of currencies, including fiat currencies

  • Small values in the chart are hidden by default. To show it, you can press the eye button.

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