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Binance Vault account withdrawals
Binance Vault account withdrawals
Updated over a week ago

Deposits and withdrawals of digital assets are now available for Binance trading accounts.
In addition to our current Vault Accounts at Bequant Global and Fireblocks, this feature provides reduced timings, costs and support of a wide range of blockchains for inbound and outbound transactions in popular tokens to our Platform.

Clients have the option to enable deposits and withdrawals for one or more Binance accounts based on their preferences. Get in touch with your Sales Representative or Support to check if this solution could be applied to your portfolio.

Withdrawals can be executed either through the Customer Portal Withdraw menu (top-right corner of your screen) or via API. Withdrawal rules specified by Binance, including withdrawal fees, network availability, and minimum and maximum amounts, are applicable to these transactions. In case funds are withdrawn to another Binance wallet, the withdrawal menu will display the fee amount, but the transaction itself will be free of charges, as the fee amount will be sent to the destination wallet.

For Binance withdrawals, clients are requested to whitelist their addresses in advance. Addresses must be whitelisted separately for each currency and network. For instance, if client intends to withdraw USDT on the BSC and TRX networks, addresses must be whitelisted individually for each of the blockchains. A single whitelist applies to all of the Binance accounts on the portfolio, for instance if client has two or more Binance accounts with deposit/withdrawal function enabled.

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