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Execute swap / Provide parameters for swap (trade)

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General information: Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Official site: https://uniswap.org/

Market data (current TLV, liquidity, prices): https://info.uniswap.org/#/

Scope: We provide uAPI (user API) and UI to execute swaps with UniSwap protocol. Swaps are a spot market type of orders that are executed against current liquidity. Swaps are "Spot trading" with "Market orders only" if we talking in terms of CEX.

Execute swap

Provide parameters for swap (trade)

  1. Navigate to the DeFi section whicj you will find at the top of screen on Bequant PRO

2. In a bottom section navigation select the Protocols tab

3. Click "Execute swap" button

4. "Uniswap swap" modal window will appear

5. We are going to execute a swap ZRX to USDT

6. For this select Currency equals to "ZRX" in the first line called "Spend Amount", "Currency"

7. Select Currency equals to USDT_ERC20 in the second line called "Received Amount", "Currency"

8. Input a max amount of ZRX for first line field "Spend Amount" by clicking Max button

9. Loading state will appear after both amounts filled. CP is requesting current rates for provided swap parameters.

10. The Allow request will appear if the token didn't allow with Uniswap protocol. If so, go to the Token allowance with UniSwap protocol

11. If you approved a token with Uniswap protocol, proceed to UniSwap extra parameters.

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