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Earn on Crypto / Earn product on Bequant Prime Brokerage
Earn on Crypto / Earn product on Bequant Prime Brokerage

Make your digital assets work for you on Bequant Prime Brokerage. Start earning up to 6% APR.

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While buying Crypto and holding it until the price goes up is a great option for turning a profit, it requires lots of time and a bit of luck. On Bequant Prime Brokerage, you can put your assets to work straight away and have a predictable source of passive income.

Just deposit funds on via Earn section on the Customer portal and start earning up to 6% annual interest immediately โ€“ no further action is needed on your side.

To make a new deposit please go to to the Earn section and press Deposit button next to the currency of interest. There are two types of deposits available:

  • Flexible (the deposited amount can be increased or decreased by client at any time)

  • Fixed (funds are locked for the fixed period and can be withdrawn at the end of this period )

Actions with the deposit and transaction history are available under ''three dots'' button in Active Deposits tab.

- There are limits for the minimum and maximum amounts of deposits/withdrawals for each currency. You will get an automated notification on Customer Portal if the limit is breached.

Every client has a possibility to:

  • See Earn tariff scale in Customer Portal with currencies available for deposits, terms and rates;

  • Make new deposits or add funds to existing deposits;

  • Withdraw funds from the deposit (where applicable)

  • See the history of transactions for deposits (like deposit amount changes and interest accruals)

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