How to whitelist withdrawal addresses?
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Whitelist is a great security tool created by Bequant Global developers. This is a list of addresses which you permit withdrawals from your account to. It will be impossible to withdraw your funds to a foreign address which is not whitelisted.

How to start using Whitelist

To start using Whitelist, you should enable it and set it up. Open Settings, Whitelist tab. Hit "Add new" and confirm this action via email.

Now you have 12 hours to add all desired addresses to whitelist.

Note: if you add a second address for the same cryptocurrency or you add new address after the first 12 hours or you disable your whitelist - your withdrawals will be automatically suspended for 48 hours - this is a security measure.

Please note that this whitelist will not block transfers between master account & sub-accounts

In case you do not receive confirmation emails from Bequant Global, please proceed to the article: I do not receive email confirmations.

How to add an address to enabled Whitelist

At any time you can add a new address to your Whitelist.

1. Go to Settings - Whitelist and click the "Add New" button.

2. Choose the currency, enter name and address and click "Confirm".

Note: if you are going to use a payment id together with the address, you need to add it to the corresponding field as well.

You can also add multiple whitelist addresses for the digital asset by clicking Add address. Click "X" to the right to delete the line.

3. This action requires confirmation by clicking a link from the email that you will receive right away.

Withdrawal will be unavailable for your account for 48 hours, after which you can only withdraw to the whitelisted addresses.

In case you are experiencing any problem with adding new addresses to your Whitelist, please let us know.

How to disable Whitelist

Click "Disable Whitelist" button on your Settings page, Whitelist tab, and confirm it via email.

Note: After disabling your Whitelist, all withdrawals will be suspended on your account for 48 hours. You will see a notification about it on your Account page. This is a security measure for your funds' safety.

1. You are trying to withdraw your funds to an address which is not included to the Whitelist.Important: You will not be able to withdraw your funds in the following cases:

2. You have disabled the Whitelist less than 48 hours ago.

3. You have added a new address to the Whitelist less than 48 hours ago.

4. You have added a second address for the same coin during the first 12 hours after enabling Whitelist.

Found a bug in Whitelist functionality? Please report it to us here.

Attention: In case you see an email with a confirmation link for any action related to Whitelist, although you have not initiated this action, the most possible explanation is that your Bequant Global account has been compromised.

However, with Whitelist enabled, you have at least 48 hours to contact us here.

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