How to deposit tokens safely
Updated over a week ago

A huge amount of circulating ERC20 tokens, which are titled whatever their developers wish, might be confusing. It's important to remember that if you happen to deposit unsupported tokens to your Bequant Global account, it wouldn't be possible to send them back. Please use the following instruction to be sure that such inconvenience won't happen to you.

Every token is distinguished from others by its unique contract address. This is how it looks in blockchain explorer (taking EURS token as an example):

Once you're planning to deposit some token to your Bequant Global account, you should make sure that this token is operated by the same contract address that we're supporting. To find that out, proceed to your Account section, locate the token you wish to deposit and hit the "Deposit" button.

You'll see the link to this token contract address. Please see the screenshot.

Make sure that the contract addresses match. If they do, you can make a deposit safely. If they don't, your deposit might be lost.

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