Withdrawals for currency are offline
Updated over a week ago

You may face this message in case the currency is under maintenance. Please check System Health page for more information. Brief explanation of what exactly is going on is presented in the right column.

"Offline" in the withdrawal column means that withdrawals are currently suspended - reason may be stated in the last column, as you can see above.

Wallet is a complicated software product delivered by the authors of each currency. We check the software regularly to maintain the highest security level. We are doing our best to implement the updates the soonest possible, so please allow some time for us to finish the job.

Check System Health page for updates regularly. Once you see that the status changed to green "Online", you are free to try to withdraw your funds once again.

If you have checked the status on System Health page and the status of withdrawals for your coin is "Online", please contact us.

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