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How to create Sub-Account?
Updated over a week ago

Please be aware that your account must be verified before you can create sub-accounts.

1. Log in to your account at Bequant Global.

2. Go to the Sub-Accounts tab (''Master'' account).

3. Click on Create Sub-Account.

4. Enter the email ->> password ->> repeat password and click ''Create''.

5. You should receive a confirmation email at the email address indicated during sub-account creation. Click the link in the email. IMPORTANT! - in case you are using the same browser, make sure that you logged out from your master account before clicking the link in the email to activate the sub-account

6. Read through the Privacy Policy and click ''Confirm''.

7. Now your sub-account has been created successfully.

Check this article to find out what and how the sub-accounts are used: Sub-Account API: Operational Manual

Transferring funds between accounts

You are able to transfer your funds between your accounts using the master account, to do this you would need to click the “Transfer Funds” button:

When you complete the below operation, the indicated for transfer amount will be transferred from the master account directly to the selected sub-account:

This operation can be performed in different directions. But this option is only available through your master account.

Deleting sub-accounts

Please note there is no option to delete the sub-account, but you have an option to freeze it. Check the below screenshot to find out how to do it.

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