Social engineering attempts
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Social engineering is the most dangerous online threat.

Invested in your safety, we provide a whole set of security tools to help you protect your account such as 2-factor protection, email confirmations for major actions and withdrawal whitelists. it makes it incredibly hard for intruders to get their hands on your funds.

But technical security tools alone are not enough to protect you fully as they can be powerless against social engineering.

There are hundreds of scammers trying to impersonate our employees and steal from our traders. Should you see something similar to the below examples, please report them to Bequant Global.

“Helpers” on Twitter

Scammers search for any tweets our traders send to us. They reach these people directly, using accounts disguised as official Bequant Global representatives. Then they find ways to force you into making some sort of payment or giving them access to your account. At some point the conversation takes a turn like this:

Remember this to stay safe in Twitter:

  1. The only official Bequant Twitter account is

  2. The only way to receive the assistance of our technical support team is via browsing or in the live chat or contacting us by email [email protected]

  3. We never ask for any reimbursement for any kind of support services we provide.

“Helpers” on Telegram

Bequant Global currently has no publicly open Telegram channels and the only communication channels on Telegram are private and closed. Be suspicious about any attempts coming out of nowhere in Direct messages away from the communication channel with Bequant Global Support team.

Remember this to stay safe in Telegram:

  1. Moderators won’t reach out to you privately — their mission is to talk publicly.

  2. If you wish to reach a moderator privately, the only way to find one is to locate the star or the “admin” title near his name in the member list.

  3. The only way to receive the assistance of the technical support team is via browsing

  4. We never ask for any reimbursement for any kind of support services we provide.

“Announcements” on behalf of our team

Scammers may try to imitate legitimate Bequant Global announcements. In such messages, they could try to convince you to make a payment, download a malicious application, share your personal data, etc.

Remember this to stay safe:

  1. The rules for every contest and campaign are described on our blog. Don’t trust any emails if they tell you something different from what’s said in the blog.

  2. Don’t hesitate to contact Bequant Global support team for a rapid verification of any announcement you may see online.

“Support phone numbers”

Our team of professionals is always available. You can message them via the Support Centre to receive prompt, detailed replies. We currently do not have support over the phone.

If you happen to see new examples of social engineering, please report them to us immediately. We will help you distinguish our legitimate activity from scam attempts.

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