Dear Clients,

As Bequant Exchange Ltd and Bequant Pro Ltd are regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, we abide by the legislation and regulations passed down from the European Union. Under the updated EU sanctions requirements, from 8th April, all Russian nationals, all individuals residing in Russia and all legal persons and entities established in Russia have their accounts limited to 10,000 euros. However, if the amount in your account is currently higher than the limit previously mentioned, no action is required by you but you will not be able to deposit further into your account. Subsequently, if your account balance is to go below the 10,000 Euro threshold you will not be able to deposit into your account an amount that would make the overall balance of the account exceed this limit.

The above requirement does not apply to nationals of EU and Switzerland or to individuals having a temporary or permanent residence permit in the EU or in Switzerland.

With this requirement in mind, for the time being and until further notice, you can deposit into your Bequant account only up to the 10,000 Euro limit. While we understand the inconvenience this will cause, we appreciate your understanding and co-operation.

Thank you!

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