To perform a withdrawal of funds on Bequant Pro you need to hit the 'Withdraw' button and follow the system's instructions. You will see Bequant Bank sub-account in your PB portfolio.

Please make sure your assets are on the Bequant Vault sub-account to be able to withdraw them from the Customer Portal.

Do I need to whitelist addresses before I can make a withdrawal via the Customer Portal?

You need to whitelist addresses via the Customer Portal before you will be able to withdraw the coin. Please go to 'Accounts', 'Account Menu', and then select 'Whitelist'.

Click 'Add Address' and fill in the form below:

After completion of the above form, you will be contacted by a Support representative, who will run some verification steps in order to make sure that whitelist is performed by the user. Security is our priority!

After the verification, you will be able to withdraw assets to the addresses which were whitelisted.

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