Different Tether chains such as TRON, ERC20 and OMNI are available in Transfer menu on Customer Portal, clients are able to transfer USDT in Customer Portal (BEQUANT PRO) by selecting the chain type they prefer.

How do I select the USDT chain type for transfer?

1. You would need to select the sub-accounts for USDT transfer indicating FROM and TO directions. The system will show the buttons with available chain types for the transfer taking into account exchange's specifics (available USDT chain types which are supported by the exchanges chosen for transfer).

2. ETA and Fee values will be shown to you depending on the selected chain.

IMPORTANT: If TRON chain is available, it will be used as a default chain for transfer.

3. In case the transfer is being made off-chain (for example: transfer between two sub-accounts within the same exchange) the ability to choose the USDT chain won't function.

We have to remind you that all users are able to send funds to a partner exchange sub-accounts via Bequant PRO API.

for USDT Omni clients have to use - 'USDT' in Bequant PRO API

for USDTRX clients have to use 'USDTTRC20' in Bequant PRO API

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