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How do I connect to Bequant PRO - Getting API keys
How do I connect to Bequant PRO - Getting API keys

Getting API keys for Bequant PRO

Updated over a week ago

API keys are unique identifiers used to authenticate private requests in Bequant PRO.

All requests associated with account management require authentication via API keys.

API keys can be used to gain access to a full range of our platform’s features through a programming interface.

How to create an API key?

Login to Bequant PRO, hit the portfolio icon in the top right corner of your screen, as shown on the below screenshot, and choose API Keys.

After that click 'Create new API key'.

To be able to perform any action with API key on this panel - make sure you portfolio has 2FA set.

After the creation of a new API key, you will be able to see public keys on Bequant PRO (see screenshot above), while the secret key will be shared with you by email.

You will need to authorise this with the public API key and the API key secret on Postman, or another swagger tool.
When the above steps are completed you going to have the same functionality as on Bequant PRO itself (availability to perform transfers, get balances etc).

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