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User roles and rights on Prime Brokerage
User roles and rights on Prime Brokerage
Updated over a week ago

We offer the possibility to add multiple users to an existing Prime Brokerage portfolio on There are currently 5 types of users which can be linked to your Prime Brokerage portfolio, which are differentiated by the rights mentioned in the table below.

For instance, users with 'full access' rights have the availability to perform any activities on their account with no hinderances, full access rights users will be able to transfer, fund create API keys and more, whereas 'read-only' users will be only able to view information with no right to change anything.

In case you require to add additional users to your Prime Brokerage portfolio, kindly get in touch with your Sales Representative or contact our Support team. Please have ready the below information for us to be able to have this done quickly:

  • portfolio name / main email address the account is registered with

  • email address of a new use you would like to add

  • role type from the above table which should be granted to the user

The new user would need to register their email on the platform and then follow instructions which will be sent by our Support team.

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