Transfer times and fees

How do we calculate transfer fees and transfer eta

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Transfer ETA

The ETA is calculated as average execution time of historical transfers between selected exchanges and for selected currency. (This is a historical measure: all transfers across all accounts of the same coin and exchange are taken into account)

Transfer Fee

The Transfer Fee is indicative (provided for information purpose only) and defined based on the latest successful withdrawal from selected exchange and for selected currency.

Instant Transfer Fee

Bequant charges a percentage of the amount to be transferred in the transfer currency (see table)

  • There is a minimum instant transfer fee that is defined in the absolute amount for each currency

    • Bequant charges only one fee β†’ MAX (% of transfer amount, min instant transfer fee)

  • Important: both figures do include exchange withdrawal fees β†’ client will NOT be charged for withdrawal fee in addition to the Instant transfer Fee.

Indicative rates (subject to change based on market conditions and client profile)


Instant Transfer Fee
​(as % of transfer amount)

Min Instant Transfer Fee
​(in transfer currency)


0.005% (0.5 bps)



0.005% (0.5 bps)



0.003% (0.3 bps)



0.0015% (0.15 bps)


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