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How to place orders via Prime Brokerage
How to place orders via Prime Brokerage

Direct Market Access, GUI, OMS

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We are constantly developing our platform, however today Bequant does not offer an in house OMS (Order Management System) system to place orders on partner exchanges. You can only view Orders on the Customer Portal, however these are executed orders (post-trade).

Therefore, there is no ability to view pending/active orders and there is no ability to place orders on a partner exchange via the Customer Portal.

On the other hand, Bequant Pro is agnostic to execution or order management systems. This allows you to use any in-house built or vendor solution platforms. We can recommend a number of tested EMS/OMS solutions that support same exchanges we do via a trading GUI and/or FIX/API connectivity.

To place orders clients have the following options:

  1. Place orders via API using your own proprietary OMS. This method is also referred to as DMA (Direct Market Access): Clients write directly to partner exchanges' API and place trades using their Trading Keys.

  2. Place orders via a 3rd party OMS system available on the market i.e.

    1. Omniex (

    2. Trading Screen (

    3. Algo Trader (

    4. 3commas (

    5. Deltix CryptoCortex (

    6. Zag Trader (

    7. Tabtrader (mobile only) (

      Clients connect to these OMS using their Trading Keys.

  3. Place orders via a partner exchange’s native GUI. Please note that not all exchanges support GUI access. Please see above Available Exchanges table for more info.

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