My transfer failed
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All transfers are automated at BEQUANT, however, you may see a transfer in 'Failed' status. You don't need to worry, since our technical team receives notifications about such incidents automatically and are most likely already working on fixing the issue. If after some time the transfer status hasn't switched to 'In Progress' or 'Completed' we recommend you contact the BEQUANT Support Team via available Support Channels.

Below you will find the most common cause for 'Failed' status on your Transfer:

  • Insufficient funds - this error may happen when the transfer amount exceeds the currently available on your balance.

  • Large decimal digit number - majority of exchanges have limitation of 8 decimal digits for the amount you would like to send ( for example 0.12345678 BTC), transaction will be rejected by system if case if this criteria was exceeded.

  • Temporary maintenance on exchanges - some of our partner exchanges run planned maintenance work from time to tome. We inform our clients about such work planned.

  • Temporary technical issues - do not worry, if this is the reason - we already working on it and will fix it as soon as possible.

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