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How do I make transfers via API?
How do I make transfers via API?

How do I transfer funds from exchange A to exchange B via API

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BEQUANT Pro provides direct market access (DMA) to numerous exchanges. This allows you to trade directly using the individual exchanges native API/FIX protocol. You will not have access to the native web interfaces of these exchanges. For way to trade via Prime Brokerage please see How to place orders article.

During the initial onboarding (or upon request at a later date), we will activate the relevant trading accounts and set up the API access keys for direct trading access.

The API keys/FIX login details will be sent securely via an encrypted one-time message that cannot be copied or compromised.

If you require API keys to be added, removed or deactivated as well you would like to whitelist any IPs - your request should be sent directly to your Support Rep.

Transfers via API:

You can find the most up to date API docs here

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