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Available Exchanges - differences
Available Exchanges - differences

What are the nuances of the various exchanges supported by our Prime Brokerage

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Bitfinex doesn't support API Keys whitelisting, therefore we can't whitelist any IPs for your Bitfinex API keys.


Please note that Bybit does not support a Sub Account structure and therefore it may take longer for us to set up new Bybit account. Please allow for 72 hours for a new Bybit account creation.

Bybit Spot Conversions

Bybit is primarily a future/swaps trading exchange, and Bybit provides APIs to trade these instruments. Bybit is not a Spot exchange, but it has functionality to convert crypto to crypto via GUI. This conversion functionality is not available via API.

Therefore, if you want to convert crypto to crypto on Bybit this can only be done via a request to Support and is subject to Support team limitations (time of operation, speed, etc).

If a conversion is urgent, you can transfer your crypto to a different exchange, make a trade, and transfer the converted crypto back to Bybit.

Bybit Withdrawals

Please note that Bybit confirms withdrawals only during some parts of the day, hence it takes longer to withdraw crypto funds from Bybit. What this means is that you can transfers funds between any exchanges at any time of the day, except Bybit.

Withdrawal confirmations times are:

  1. 00:00

  2. 08:00

  3. 16:00 UTC. Client needs to submit the withdrawal 30 mins prior to the withdrawal timing.

The cut-off time for withdrawal request will be 30 minutes before the scheduled withdrawal processing time.

Due to technical limitation on Bybit, withdrawals to Deribit sub-accounts of ETH coin will have a higher fee since 2 transfers have to be made instead of one to complete this operation.


For Huobi, transfers between Spot and Derivatives, on the same sub-account, are not available via Customer Portal. This can only be done via native Huobi API. However, these transfers won’t display in Transactions on Customer Portal. Therefore, we do not recommend clients do this. Instead we can open separate accounts for clients for Spot and Derivatives, and between these, clients can move funds via Customer Portal - onchain.

Huobi Liquidation price per position is not available on Customer Portal.

Huobi only allows API pulling of liquidation prices as an aggregate value for the portfolio and not per position. Clients are advised to use the GUI to check liquidation prices


Deribit accounts can only be funded with ETH and BTC. If these coins are not available on a user’s account, Deribit will not appear as a transfer option in the Customer Portal Transfer Menu.


Please note that Bitmex does not support a Sub-account structure and therefore it may take longer for us to set up new Bitmex account and add it to your Prime Brokerage Portfolio. Please allow for 72 hours for a new Bitmex account creation.

Only currencies from the below list are available for deposits on BitMEX and can be transferred to/from BitMEX account via Bequant PRO platform:

USDT, BTC (same as XBT on BitMEX), APE, MATIC.

Spot trading is not supported.

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