Fiat deposits/withdrawals are currently available in three currencies: EUR, GBP and USD.

Fiat Deposits

Please see this article on how to deposit Fiat on Bequant prime brokerage. Please note it follows similar steps to our Bequant Exchange process.

Available banking partners are:

  • USD Accounts

    • Signature Bank (default)

    • Deltec Bank

    • EQI Bank

  • EUR Accounts

    • BCB via Incore Bank AG (default)

    • Clear Junction

    • EQI Bank

  • GBP Accounts

    • BCB Payments Ltd (default)

    • Clear Junction

    • EQI Bank

Fiat withdrawals

To withdraw FIAT funds on our Prime Brokerage platform, please access your BEQUANT Bank account by going to

To start the withdrawal process, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Please go to and click 'Log In'

  2. Enter your username, password and provide the 2FA code received via the authenticator app e.g. Google Authenticator.

  3. Go to 'Account' section

  4. Click 'Withdraw' or 'Deposit' next to the currency you wish (EUR, GBP or USD)

  5. 'Withdraw fiat instructions' or 'Top-up fiat account instructions' button will appear depending on the action you willing to perform. Press on the button to be redirected to the page with updated FIAT deposit/withdrawal instructions and information you need to proceed further.

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