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Exchange Balances on the Customer Portal
Exchange Balances on the Customer Portal
How to check your Spot and Derivatives balances on Customer Portal
Updated over a week ago

To check current balances you need to visit the 'Portfolio' tab. Please select either 'Spot' or 'Derivatives', depending on which type of assets you want to view.

The balances are divided under 'My Assets' and 'My Accounts'. You can view the total balance for each unique coin owned under the 'My Assets' tab. Alternatively, you can view the full list of assets owned on all exchanges under the 'My Accounts' tab.

It is important to note that the aggregate balance displayed on the BEQUANT Pro homepage will only show the total balance for spot positions.

Under the 'Total assets' drop down, the loan position can also be viewed. Please click on the grey help icon to learn more about loans.

Do not hesitate to contact our Support team in case you see any balances or information in your BEQUANT Pro account is inaccurate. We will look into the issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

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