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Exchange Balances on the Customer Portal
Exchange Balances on the Customer Portal

How to check your Spot and Derivatives balances on Customer Portal

Updated over a week ago

To check current balances you need to visit the ''Portfolio'' tab.

All the portfolio’s holdings are shown in the Balances section for all venues, markets and accounts in a single standardised structure.

Balance summary

The balance summary section will give an idea on how funds are allocated in portfolio, it is also a handy tool to drill down to a single balance of interest.

Side panel

Will give you more details on each item of balance, clients can take advantage of the Side Panel that shows the balance history chart, open positions, latest trades and transactions for the account.

Full balance history

Balance history charts will show information on all market sections: spot, derivative, native margin and balances under custody.

Available balance

Available balance is shown for each asset to get a grasp of the amount of funds that can be immediately transferred.

Open Positions and Exchange Margin pages

Information regarding open positions and leveraged accounts details (account equity, initial margin and P&L) are shown in separate pages that share the navigation pattern with main Portfolio page

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