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I want to reset my password / 2FA
I want to reset my password / 2FA

What to do in case you can't access your account

Updated over a week ago

At some point, you may require a reset of your password to your Bequant Pro account, as it could be forgotten or you may need a reset as a result of any security issues. If you have a malfunctioning/broken device, it may also affect your 2FA; a vital security feature that is mandatory for all PB accounts.

In case you experience issues with your password or 2FA - which prevents you from accessing your profile Bequant Pro customer portal, do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Support Rep, or our Support team via this channel, and we will instruct you with steps to be followed to recover your password and 2FA.
Please note that we will need to verify your identity via a phone call or by requesting a selfie picture.

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