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How to make transfers between Exchanges
How to make transfers between Exchanges

Instant Transfers, transfers via API, transfers via Customer Portal

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Once a deposit is received and processed, your updated balances can be found in your Customer Portal. You can then move the funds across your different accounts at the individual exchanges, using the Customer Portal 'Transfers' functionality. To initiate the transfer press 'Transfer' button on the top right corner of your screen.

Please choose the currency you want to transfer, the amount and indicate the account of origin and destination for this transaction. The system will show you ETA for this transfer and associated cost (fee). To submit transaction please hit 'Transfer' button.

We offer two types of transfer:

Standard transfer โ€” an instruction that moves funds between exchanges and is recorded on-chain. This is the standard method of moving funds between exchanges, which is subject to the availability of the network.

โ€‹Instant transfer โ€” this is an instruction that can instantly move funds from one exchange to another, without waiting for an on-chain transfer between exchanges. The transfer utilises short-term BEQUANT funding. This is unique to BEQUANT Pro and can save time for urgent transfers, or when you donโ€™t want to wait for a network execution. It is subject to both the availability of funding at the time of transfer and
then support of the instant transfer by the individual exchanges. This is a premium service and carries an additional surcharges.

To learn more about this please contact your Sales Representative or your Account Manager.

Please note you can also transfer funds programatically, via Bequant proprietary PB API -

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