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Primer Brokerage Whitelists (old Bank Account structure)
Primer Brokerage Whitelists (old Bank Account structure)

How do I whitelist withdrawal addresses?

Updated over a week ago

As a core security measure, transfers between the exchanges can only be performed through whitelisted addresses, which are maintained by BEQUANT Pro.
Deposits can be made directly, to or from your BEQUANT Pro account and not straight into the individual exchanges you have access to. Customer funds can be moved across exchanges via the Customer Portal, as outlined in the later slide on Collateral Management.

To whitelist addresses, you would need to login to your bank account on When you login into your main account at, you can add whitelisted addresses for your withdrawals.

Any changes to your whitelisted addresses have to be conducted through your account. As an additional security measure, any amendments to your whitelisted withdrawal addresses will result in withdrawals from that account being suspended for the next 48 hours. Please be aware of how whitelists are maintained as displayed below.


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