Once you register your account on BEQUANT you are able to monitor the market in real time and discover our platform's functionality. However, to start trading you need 1) to set up 2FA security and 2) to get your account verified.

How to verify my account?

1. Log in to your BEQUANT Account.

2. Go to Settings


3. Navigate to Verification -> Start Verification


4. Select which account type you want to use - Individual Pro or Institutional. To find out more about our Account Types please click here. Below instructions are for Individual Pro accounts.


5. Fill in your Personal Information and Residential Address.
For phone number please select country from the dropdown and do not enter country code.


6. Verify your phone number.


7. Upload an Identity Document, Proof of Address Document, and a Selfie.


Ensure you are holding the same Identity Document you have submitted previously in your Selfie picture.


8. If you wish to trade fiat pairs (EUR, GBP, USD) provide your Bank Details and submit a recent Bank Statement. This is to ensure the bank account belongs to you and to verify your source of funds. (Click here to find out how to trade fiat)


9. Click Submit. If you have further queries please raise a ticket to our Support Desk.

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